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ITB & McAfee - Working together to secure your data!

As part of our continued commitment to helping our customers navigate the data protection & GDPR minefield, ITB have recently become one of only two resellers in the UK certified to deploy McAfee DLPe solutions.

Join us for this free online webinar and discover how by utilising a combination of ITB & McAfee's DLP expertise you can take a giant stride towards becoming ready for May 2018 and the GDPR deadline.

DATE: Every Friday Morning in Sept
TIME: 10:00 - 11:00

Kaspersky - End User Cyber Security Awareness Training Webinar

It has long been agreed that an organisation's users are the weakest link in their security posture. Despite great advancements in technology no product is 100% secure meaning that it only takes one distracted click to expose the network to a multitude of threats.

Teaching your users and senior staff members what to look out for and what to expect is a great way to secure the human element of your network.

DATE: Tuesday, 24th October
TIME: 11am - 12pm